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Hanco's Honey Green Tea with Lychee Jelly: I'm not homesick per se, but I do find myself frequently sad about the lack of good bubble tea options in NYC. I think I had 5 different bubble tea stamp cards in the bay area, and I only have one for NYC, at a bubble tea shop that closes at 8pm during the week (Mr. Wish). Given that most of my bubble tea purchases in Berkeley or SF were late night impulses, I don't get to drink much of it here. Hanco's, a Vietnamese sandwich shop close to me, has pretty bad boba from my previous experiences, so I purchased a drink with jelly this time instead. The lychee jelly was familiar - firm and more crunchy than chewy, and the honey green tea was above average, with a comforting mix of sweet floral honey with herbal tea that was just a tad bitter. It isn't the same as being in SF, but it'll have to do. 3.0/5.0

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