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Quillo Fried egg potato chips: I’ve tried a good range of flavored potato chips, but this fried egg flavored bag from Spanish brand Quillo is new territory. According to the ingredients, it contains “flavor of egg,” followed by an impressive list of chemical ingredients. At the end of the ingredients list is a warning that the product may contain traces of shrimp and eggs. If there is only trace amounts of actual egg, what is it that makes these chips taste like hard boiled eggs? Because, in fact, they bizarrely taste very similarly to a salty egg. The flavor is so distinct that I’m positive I would guess it blindfolded. The chips themselves are thin and crispy, rather than crunchy. I don’t really enjoy eating more than a few at a time because the flavor is so saturated, but as a novelty snack, it is actually true to its name. It cost an insane amount, though, at $7 a bag from Despana in SoHo. 3.0/5.0

potatochips quillo fried egg potato chips 3.0