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FK Frozen Custard Black Sesame and Matcha White Chocolate Ice Cream: The last time I had ice cream from FK Frozen Custard, the brand was still named "Frozen Kuhsterd," and they were a food-truck-only business. Now they have a brick and mortar in the Lower Haight in SF, still offering a mix of classic flavors and asian-inspired options like black sesame, milk tea, and ube. I ordered one scoop with two flavors, which was generously sized and easily sharable – though I had the entire scoop for myself. (: My previous experience with Frozen Kuhsterd involved an outstanding Thai iced tea sundae combining Thai iced tea ice cream with warm glutinous rice pudding. This time, I am solely evaluating the ice cream itself, which was pretty good but not great. The black sesame had a solid toasted flavor, but texturally it was a bit grainy. The matcha was similar in quality but did have a satisfying herbal flavor (the white chocolate was not particularly discernible). Given the quality, I would opt for Powder (the Taiwanese shaved ice shop) instead, which is just round the corner. 3.0/5.0

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