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Trader Joe’s Calamansi Cooler: I’m a fan of the increasing number of calamansi-flavored products I’ve witnessed overt the past year, and there is perhaps no bigger institution to bring visibility to this tropical fruit than Trader Joe’s. Their calamansi cooler contains less than a 12oz can but looks substantial given its slender and tall packaging. Non-carbonated, the beverage tastes like a cross between lime and grapefruit with a trace of a more acidic, funky fruit like passion fruit. Overall, it’s a bit too sweet for my taste, and there are better options out there (such as Mansi). But no alternatives are as widely available, so if you are looking for a tangier alternative to lemonade or limeade, TJ’s calamansi cooler just may fit your need. 3.0/5.0

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