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Cape Cod sweet mesquite potato chips: Crunchy kettle cooked chips with a fairly expected but decent BBQ flavor. 3.0/5.0

capecod potatochips bbq mesquit sweet mesquite potato chips 3.0
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Covered Bridge Montreal steak spice seasoning potato chips: Hailing from New Brunswick, Canada, these crisps taste most strongly of black pepper, though the overall flavor is less robust than I expected it to be. Onion and garlic add to the savory flavor (there isn't any sweetness, like some American steak sauces). I do like how the chips are irregular, with a browned edge from the skin of the spuds. 3.0/5.0

coveredbridge chips potatochips 3.0 munchpak steak canadian montreal spice seasoning potato
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Deep River zesty jalapeño potato chips: Crunchy and thickly cut kettle cooked chips with a serious jalapeñ flavor Likely the spiciest potato chips I've ever had. Can be good for those who love heat, but for people like me with a moderate spice tolerance, it will be hard to get through an entire bag. 2.5/5.0

deepriver chips potatochips jalapeno 2.5 zesty jalapeño potato
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Deep River Snacks Rosemary and Olive Oil potato chips: Very crunchy kettle chips with an earthy and herbaceous flavor. A bit salty, but the flavor is memorable and savory. 3.5/5.0

recommended potatochips deepriversnacks chips rosemary olive oil kettlechips potato 3.5
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Deep River Snacks aged cheddar horseradish potato chips: Tangy, kettle cooked chips with a satisfying crunch and spicy aftertaste. Very well balanced. 4.0/5.0

deepriversnacks chips potato cheddar horseradish kettle recommended potatochips aged 4.0
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Deep River Snacks Mesquite bbq chips: The mesquite bbq is definitely on the sweet side, but these chips also has a distinct smoky flavor. Because they’re kettle cooked, they have a satisfying texture slightly more crunchy than crispy. Overall, I liked them and would purchase again! 3.5/5.0

recommended potatochips deepriversnacks mesquite bbq chips 3.5