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2016 07 11 20.41.46

GoodBelly Lemon Limeade: An acidic juice drink (from concentrate) that also contains probiotics. I found the citrus flavor to be strong and not well balanced. 2.5/5.0

drinks wholefoods lime juice goodbelly lemon limeade 2.5
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GoodBelly tropical green flavor probiotic drink: I really liked the cranberry watermelon flavor of this brand so I decided to purchase another kind to try. Unfortunately, this one is as bad as the other was good. The juice contains fruit purÓ║× such as banana, pear, and mango and greens such as spinach, alfalfa, and parsley. The flavor is not balanced and somehow manages to recreate the taste of aspartame with all natural ingredients. It's also overly sweet, perhaps to cover up the flavor of the vegetables. The result is a drink that neither... (read more) 1.5/5.0

goodbelly drinks organic tropical mango banana pear greeen spinach parsley probiotic avoid 1.5 green flavor drink
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Good Belly coconut water: I purchased two more GoodBelly flavors because of a sale at Whole Foods. The first I tried was coconut water with probiotics added. The drink has a slightly green milky tint, with brown sediments on the bottom. It has a strange flavor added on top of coconut water (I think from the grape juice listed on the ingredients). Not recommended. 2.5/5.0

drinks wholefoods goodbelly coconut water 2.5 coconutwater
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Good Belly cranberry watermelon probiotic juice drink: I was drawn to this product because I've never heard of a probiotic drink that was dairy-free. This company's selling point is the addition of probiotic cultures for \"renewing your digestive health.\" Whether this is effective I cannot say, but I can say that the juice is delicious, like the best fruit punch juice box you can remember having. The flavor is nostalgic (it contains only juice from concentrate, though it's all organic), but it still feels fresh and age appropriate. It's slightl... (read more) 4.0/5.0

organic juice goodbelly recommended cranberry watermelon fruitpunch punch drinks probiotic health 4.0 wholefoods drink