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Samboy Atomic Tomato potato chips: This proudly Australian brand of ridged potato chips is a vending machine staple. I purchased them to use up a few coins before leaving the country. The atomic tomato flavor turns out to be ketchup with a prominent vinegar taste. The ridges are not as dense as American ridged chips like Ruffles. Overall, I found the chips to be surprisingly addicting though certainly not good for you. 3.0/5.0

samboy potatochips australian tomato 3.0 ketchup recommended atomic potato chips
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Neal Brothers Montreal steak spice kettle chips: These crunchy and thickly-cut chips have a distinctive spiced and smoky flavor, true to its labeling. On the downside, I found the seasoning to be very high. Good in small quantities. 3.0/5.0

nealbrothers chips montreal steak spice potatochips crisps 3.0 wholefoods kettle
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Late July nacho chipotle tortilla chips: I previous found these chips lacking in flavor and scored them a 3.0, but the most recent batch I purchased was notably more robust, with a zesty and slightly spicy kick. Overall, I found it pretty unique for a nacho chip, though the serving size is disappointingly small. 3.5/5.0

latejuly nachos tortilla chipotle chips wholefoods 3.5 recommended nacho
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365 Organic barbecue potato chips: Slightly smoky mesquite flavored chips. Overall impact is pretty mild. Crispy and thinly cut. 3.0/5.0

wholefoods 365 barbecue chips potatochips bbq 3.0 organic potato
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Oishi Marty's salt and vinegar flavored cracklings: I bought this snack because I saw chicharons on the package, but when I got home, I was upset and baffled to see they were vegetarian. Upon tasting, though, I'm impressed with how closely they were able to match a distinctively meaty snack. The cracklings don't melt in your mouth the way fatty chicharons do, but the aggressive salt and vinegar flavor combined with a crunchy, textured cracker bears a passing resemblance. There is no way a vegetarian designed this snack. While the packaging ha... (read more) 3.5/5.0

oishi vegetarian chicharon recommended chips cracklings hmart 3.5 philippines saltandvinegar marty's salt vinegar flavored
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7Days Mushroom & Cream Bake Rolls: Because my mom is a nurse, we rarely had canned food in our house. This means I was shielded from classic American soups, including cream of mushroom. To this point in my life, I have yet to have a bowl of cream of mushroom soup, but if these flavored bagel chips are any indication, I am happy to be in my position. I did not purchase them by choice; I received them in my latest gifted #munchpak. The smell of the chips is extremely potent, with an overpowering mushroom odor, and the taste is ... (read more) 0.5/5.0

7days avoid 0.5 mushroom cream bagelchips bagel chips baked bake rolls