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Calpis ぐんぐんグルト: I haven't been able to write snack reviews consistently because about a week ago, my back gave out (a relapse with my herniated disc), and I had to go to the hospital to be treated, where I still am now. The meals at the hospital have been nutritional if not exactly tasty, and there are no snacks. Lying horizontally for several days, I saw little of the floor I'm staying on until a few days ago, when I was able to progress to a wheelchair and them a tall castered walker. After taking a tour of the floor, I surveyed the snack options available to me: a beverage vending machine and a coffee one. Given that I don't drink coffee, I went for the regular beverage option, which contains several types of tea and overall only non-carbonated options. Today I was able to get myself into the walker without assistance and walk to the vending machine and buy a drink. I chose this creamy-colored Calpis beverage, which tastes exactly like Yakult, a sweet yogurt-like drink that many Asian children grew up with and usually comes in small plastic jugs. Today, this Calpis beverage gives a new meaning to sweet victory. 3.0/5.0

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