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Malk Organics Cold Pressed Almond Milk: I purchased this bottle from the refrigerated dairy section at the Park Slope Food Co-op, fairly unexplored territory for me as I usually buy un-refrigerated non-dairy milk. The organic drink contains just 3 ingredients: water, sprouted almonds, and salt. According to the packaging, the almonds are sprouted overnight, blended with water and salt, and then cold pressed to create the beverage. The drink manages to be super clean and light tasting, yet unmistakably tastes of pure almonds. Its texture is a little bit looser than most almond milk but otherwise looks the same in color and opacity. It reminds me a little bit of almond extract because it has such a concentrated flavor, which I think for some people might even remind them of fragrance or almond-based lotions; for me, it made me think of a traditional Asian dessert of white almond jello. I really liked it overall and would purchase it again, but probably only at the Co-op; I don't know how much it costs in a regular grocery store, but it was a little over $4 for 3.5 servings at the Co-op, which I think it well worth it. 4.0/5.0

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