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Teazzi Tea Shop Deep roasted oolong milk tea: Teazzi is a mostly to-go Taiwanese bubble tea shop located a block away from the southwest edge of Union Square Park in Manhattan. I would normally have ordered their house special, which includes an intriguing mix of oats and boba, but opted for a lighter option with their deep roasted oolong milk tea at 30% sweetness. The quality of the tea itself was excellent – definitely tea-foward, with a pleasantly herbal flavor that was well balanced with the creaminess of very lightly sweetened milk. For once, 30% sweetness was the perfect amount for me. While the drink was a bit pricy at $5 without any toppings, it comes in a single large size that is about 2x as much as I would want to drink for a single serving (so, in some ways, it's a decent value if you have someone to share it with). For what it is, the flavor of the oolong milk tea was essentially exactly what I look for in a quality milk tea. I'm definitely planning on coming here again next time I'm in the area! 4.0/5.0

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