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Choya Yowanai Ume Soda: This Japanese soda is made by drink-maker Choya, who seems to specialize in liquors. This non-alcoholic soda was purchased from Momofuku Bang Bar in NYC, and while it has what appears to be a peach or nectarine on the can, it's ume-flavored, which is a type of Japanese plum. The drink has a really distinct fruit flavor that is unlike any other fruit soda I've had before – slightly tangy, it reminds me of those asian pickled plum candies, but as if all the sourness typically associated with that snack were instead sweet. It's just as sweet as I would ever want a soda to be. Worth a try if you like fruit sodas and plums! Apparently they have a yuzu flavored one, and I'd love to find it someday! 3.5/5.0

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