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Abide Monarch black sesame and matcha bubble tea with boba: In the 9 years I spent in Cambridge, we never had a dependable bubble tea shop. The short-lived bubble tea shop in Kendall was just ok, but since it was close to lab, I’d sometimes find myself there for quick meetings. Upon returning to Cambridge for mystery hunt, I visited a pop up boba shop at the Middlesex lounge with a diverse menu of tea and fruit drinks incorporating ingredients like peppercorn and cloves and with names like Binary and The Monarch. I ordered the latter, a hot milk tea with black sesame and match. The boba was above average - a bit soft but with a satisfying chew. The drink, sweetened with brown sugar, was warming and had a familiar slightly savory sesame flavor. This is definitely the best milk tea I’ve had in Cambridge My only misgiving is its price at $6 a cup. Given its lack of competition, they maybe able to get away with it, but they are really pushing the upper limits of price point, and even with a quality product, it doesn’t quite justify that cost. 3.5/5.0

drinks bubbletea recommended cambridge abide monarch black sesame matcha bubble tea boba 3.5