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Iceskimo Shaved Snow: Located in La Jolla, Iceskimo is a self-proclaimed "artisan snow shavery" serving shaved ice inspired by those found in Taiwan and Hawaii. The shaved ice is a mix between ice cream and shaved ice - creamier than the shaved ice found on the streets of Taipei, shaved thinly into overlapping ribbons. They have many classic Asian flavors to chose from, from black sesame to matcha to Thai tea. I tried both the black sesame (pictured) as well as the Thai tea and found the Thai tea to be the most satisfying, with a surprisingly rich herbal flavor and creamy condensed milk taste. The black sesame was more ordinary in comparison. What really stood out to me was how good all the toppings we tried were, which included almond jello, lychee jelly, boba, red bean, and house-made rice balls (tang yuan). Each were far superior to those you typically find in Asian ice cream or boba tea shops. If you find yourself in La Jolla, I recommend checking them out! 3.5/5.0

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